Road Trip 2016 

Wow 6 days till were of and rolling for this years road trip carnt wait 😀

Day 1 


Well after spending yesterday with the kids for Halle’s Birthday we hit the road as early as possible 6.45 am for a univentful trip down to the Chunnel to start this years adventure 😀


Spain or Portugal ? 

So we’re pitched at Cavignac near Bordeaux. 

A nice large Aire but with no facilities but handy for missing the rush hour in Bordeaux:)) 

We have been struggling with deciding on if we go to Spain or Portugal. 

Think we have now decided on Spain ! Unless it changes in the morning 😁

Where ever it is it will be a new adventure as we have never been to either in Gellibean. 

Still @ Home 

Well since starting this blog we haven’t been away 😦 
We’ve been to busy working on Gellibean getting her ready to pack up and leave on our first holiday this year. 

Hopefully we will have her all done and dusted for next weekend. 

Watch this space